Monday, March 7, 2011

The Bullies

* I'm starting to post some older experiences that I've previously written, so here one is...

The Bullies

Hey, you pulled my hair! That’s when it all started. Way back when the bullies were young and they thought that being mean to you would get your attention. This may have worked as kids, but it sure works quite the opposite now. As the story goes, I met a guy online. We spoke quite frequently before meeting. I was planning on going one night to see a band with some friends at a local pub and he asked if it was ok if his friends and he went too. Not together, just coincidentally at a busy bar where we all happened to be. I said sure, but warned him that I would be with the girls and may not be too available to talk all night just to him.

He was excited to meet me. He owned his own business and seemed to be a hard working, genuinely nice guy. Not an overly attractive man, but still not too hard on the eyes. I arrived at the pub with friends and saw him come in a couple hours later. My girlfriend noticed him noticing me and subtly hinted to me that he was there. “He’s here!” she yelled after pointing to him and gesturing him over by waving her hands in the air above her. “Gee thanks” I said. She’s married so she hasn’t learned the latest pub scene dating etiquette. He came over and introduced himself very politely.

The pub was standing room only, and you had to push your way through to get anywhere. As he got closer, I noticed he was wearing a wrinkled white button down shirt, with a black dickey underneath. “People still wear those??” was what went through my head.
He had a huge scratch on his face and another underneath his eye like he’d just taken someone down in the parking lot outside. We’d spoken on webcam earlier that night and he was untarnished. Now, a few hours later, he’s a complete wreck on our first meeting. My friend quickly changed her tune and nudged me. It seemed that she had instantly learned the art of subtlety because she quietly whispered a firm NO to me. I agreed. He was acting strangely unlike the man I’d been talking to online. The band was ok but not worth staying for. We decided to bail when he started looking at me like a starving man looks at a steak and potato dinner. He was smiling and staring and kept trying to stroke my hand across our table. Time to head for the hills. Later on that night, I was wide awake and surfing the net. He came online. He told me that he really liked me and wanted to see me again. I told him that I didn’t feel the vibe (famous last words). His alternate and true personality surfaced and he began typing the most vulgar and demeaning words I’ve ever been written still to this day. I was in shock. He was firing off insults and swear words like those were the only words he knew. The bully in him had appeared. He attempted to write me an email to blast me some more but I blocked him and that was the end of that bully.

Since then, I have encountered quite a few bullies online. They are so kind at first, and then they pull your pigtails so hard that it leaves your head spinning. If you don’t appear to like them, they fire off an email assault on you with their guns blazing.
Beware of the bullies.

Rule Number 9 – Objects in webcams are sometimes dirtier than they appear. Bring hand sanitizer.