Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Catch Them If You Can...

Sometimes in life there's the one that keeps getting away.
No matter what you do, the timing is always off. 

When you are in a relationship, he is single. When he is in love and in a relationship, you're single. There is chemistry and passion and amazing conversation, but you keep passing each other in time.  
It's like something you don't feel very often, yet you can't have it.  When you're with the person as friends, because he's not ready to date or in a relationship, it is the most comfortable and easy feeling.
You can talk about everything with ease and you canboth just be your true self.

It's not just about the sex either, it's about this level of kindredship and friendship. Not to say that the physical aspect isn't fantastically amazing when it has happened, but you just feel like this is the person you're most comfortable with on all levels.
Everything from your likes and dislikes, to your views on parenting, music or spicy food, it all just clicks. It's like two pieces of Lego that just snap together with ease. 

But... And there's always a but... You can't be with him.  It's like you're just sitting there waiting for him to be ready or single again so you can put on your best face, your nicest outfit, dust yourself off and stand in line hoping it's going to happen this time. 
But of course, when he  does become ready, he wants to play the role of being single.
And do what guys do best:  party with the boys, hang out with friends, go to Vegas for a wknd, sleep with random girls to boost his ego.   It eventually becomes exhausting for him.
And in that timeframe, someone most likely comes along into your life and now you're not single.   

Then when he has finally sewn all of his wild oats, become mentally ready (and lonely for a partner in life) he starts inquiring to see if you're single.  
Usually by now the tides have turned and now YOU are seeing someone, half wishing you weren't, but excited with the stomach flips and heartbeat skips of dating a new person.  

Somewhere during that time when you were single, ready and willing, and he wasn't available on some or many levels, you had actually considered waiting for him.  You weighed the options. 

But life is too short to stand in line, and you can't live waiting around just in case he chooses you.  What if you had waited and then he had met someone else instead? 
So here you are again, distracted by your someone new while he goes searching for his someone new.  And the cycle repeats itself.

When two people really are emotionally, physically and intellectually connected and hyper-compatible… Why can't they just both acknowledge it simultaneously and be together? 
Why does life's precious time have to be wasted second guessing things?  Life is too short.

We deserve happiness and to Live Laugh Learn and Love


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